Friday, September 12, 2008

Grandparents Day

Well, my big news for this week is that I got to go to Tayden's Grandparents Day program at his preschool. I flew out there on Monday morning and on Tuesday morning I went to school with him for his program. It was very cute, they sang songs and he made me a card in the shape of a heart, along with a self portrait and we had donuts with juice. I think that was Tayden and Tia's favorite part. We spent the rest of the time playing...we went to the play ground (the outside one and the one at the mall), we played ball, we read books and of course, we played dinosaur...a favorite of his and Tia's these days. It was great and Nana had a wonderful time...a big thanks to my wonderful husband who bought me the plane ticket so that I could go. Just for the record...Jerry and I think this Nana and Papa thing is WAY cool!!

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