Sunday, March 8, 2009

Winterfest 2009

So, what do you think it was like to travel from Baltimore Maryland to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with 36 teenagers?? It was FABULOUS!! We had a great time from the start to the finish. Most of you know that Jerry leds a teen small group at our church on Sunday nights, so we went with them, about 8 other adults, the kids from our second teen group at church, a small group from Bowie joined us on our bus, and 12,000 of our closest friends and family. We all spent the weekend in Gatlinburg. The theme for the conference was "Love God, Love Others" (L1, L2).

As you will see from the pictures there was lots going on. We had guest speakers, we saw skits, there was lots of singing, we had free time, we had devotional time, we had lots of learning to Love God and Love Others. I don't think I can put into words how great the experience was for both of us and truly do it justice.

Check out the pictures and see for yourself...

The green flag says, "Fred is that you?" So, the kids spent the better part of the weekend looking for Fred...and they found him!!

We even had some snow!!

And a christian rock concert...December Radio.

The adults and some sort of quite time...

The trip home...

If you ever have the opportunity to go with a group of teens to Winterfest you should take that trip. Jerry and I had a wonderful time with our young people, we would make this trip again in a heart beat! I don't think you could find a more uplifting way to spend a weekend! Try it!!

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