Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 2009

Well, October was a fairly busy month for the Mraz's...we went to the Glendale Fall Festival with Bob and Mary. It was totally cool, a must do again for next year! We found a new church home this month and have made some wonderful new friends there!! We got to spend a weekend in St. Louis with the grandkids...we went to see Tay play soccer but that got rained out so we made the most of the time there...a trip to the pumpkin patch, to the Blue Pizza Place (You'll have to get the kids to explain!) and the big boys took in a NFL game where they had too much fun...they were very close to the field...close enough to hear Brett Farve make his calls!!! Then on to the delivery of Jerry's new toy for the Man Cave...he was very happy and I may never see my husband on a weekend again!! We had a great time carving pumpkins at the Silva' good time was had by all - as usual!! Thanks Bob and Mary!! Then we finished out the month with Jerry (a.k.a. Paul Bunion) taking down a tree in our back yard that was a victim of last years ice storm. It had a pretty huge split in it and we were afraid it was going down with the neighbors fence...happy to say that it did come down and without taking the fence...yea!!!

There are some pictures attached at the bottom to go along with the monthly report...we hope you all enjoy and feel as truly blessed in your lives as Jerry and I do in ours...

Fun with the Grand kids!!

Newest addition to the man cave...

Pumpkin carving anyone??

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