Tuesday, June 24, 2008

After "Christmas"

Well, after the kids left we had to do something to keep from being sad...so we went to one of our favorite places...Cade's Cove. We were hoping to spot a bear, we didn't, but we did see a beautiful doe. We also saw several wild turkey, some wonderful flowers and breath taking scenery.

Then after that we drove into Gatlinburg, we walked around for a while looking in some of our favorite shops. We went to the Thomas Kinkade gallery and Jerry bought me a canvas for our anniversary...I was so excited! I can't wait to get it up on the wall!!

Then that evening we went to this show that we think is just a hoot, it's called "Sweet Fanny Adams". The cast is very small and it is great...Jerry has a story about the first time we went that he will have to tell...but we went, had a great time....Jerry even got to be part of the show again (here is the part where he has a story to tell.) (-;

Yes, he got to spend time with the pretty girl!

All of this happened on Monday (boy were we tired!), so then we went to what we refer to as "Our Cabin"...we stayed here for our honeymoon...thus special to us.

We really enjoy coming to spend time here. It is much smaller than where we stayed with the kids, but it's a great cabin.

Then on Tuesday, it was back to Dolly wood to ride our favorite roller coasters (multiple times) and see our favorite shows (Kingdom Heirs and Wings of America). About mid day we ran over and spent a couple of hours at Splash Park taking in the lazy river and a few water slides (no pictures this time) and finished the day back at Dollywood, getting in those last minute rides. What a great way to finish our time in the Smokies!!

Then finally it was time to part with our cabin, pack away all the great memories and head back to the beltway. It was great fun while it lasted and no doubt there will be much more fun to be had in the future...both there in the Smokies and the many other places the road will take us...rumor has it Jerry is putting together an adventure to North Dakota...that should be interesting!


jamber28 said...

I am so happy you guys have a blog now! =)

Wood said...

Jerry is that next trip anywhere near highway Z