Sunday, June 22, 2008

Christmas in the Smoky's

Well, we decided last Christmas that we all have a lot of we gave our kids a gift of a all expense paid vacation (with the exception of Matt, who was doing his Army thing and couldn't go). We figured good memories were better than more "stuff" any we rented a cabin in the Smokies...

On the first day we had a family Christmas dinner. After our dinner we had a little time for opening gifts.

On day number two everyone went to Dollywood. The big kids rode some big rides and the little kids rode the little rides and a GREAT time was had by all!!

On day three we all went to the Water Park, there was something there for everyone and everyone had a great time!

We can't leave out the fact that we had an extra friend join us...our friendly neighborhhod raccoon...I think the kids had as much fun feeding him as they did feeding themselves!

OK, so this post has become quite long, so we are going to do A Smoky Mountain Christmas Con't...

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