Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jenny & Brandon's Visit

Brandon and Jenny came up this weekend to visit. They got in in the wee hours of Friday morning. Jerry and I had to work on Friday (unfortunately), but the kids made good use of their time. Brandon took in 9 holes of golf and Jenny supervised from the cart (-: Then I think they did some shopping at the outlet mall. After we got off work Friday, we took them to a cool Italian place we know about to celebrated (a belated) birthday for Brandon. On Saturday we went on an adventure to the zoo, meaning we drove down there...ask Jerry about 19th Street sometime.

Here are some pictures from the zoo trip:

After we finished at the zoo, we headed back to the house...dropped the guys off to watch some football and Jenny and I headed over to the mall. We did some shopping, Jenny definitely got the deal of the day. We found a really cute puppy at the pet store, but Brandon and Jerry put a big squash on Jenny's plan for that! (-;
We headed back to the house just in time for the steaks that Jerry had grilled, they were great!
Then on Sunday, we had breakfast at Bob Evans before they got on the road to head back South. We had a great time and wish we were all closer so we could do that more often!!

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jamber28 said...

Thank you for a great weekend! I still want that puppy =) Love you