Monday, December 22, 2008

Last of the activities before Christmas...

After we laid the wreaths at Arlington we had some friends over for a Holiday meal. I was having a bit of holiday cooking withdrawal...we traveled this year for Thanksgiving and we are traveling again for I need a cooking fix. So we invited a few of our close friends over (about 12 or 13 people) and had a wonderful meal.

We don't have a lot of pictures because we were all too busy eating and visiting to remember to take too many pictures. But, Asher loved the train table as did all the other kids...Tim, Daniel, Micah and Ava...we just failed to take pictures of everyone...we'll do better next time!!

We had a couple of new friends join us...David and Ronnie. They are young soldiers from Ft. Meade, they are both from Alabama and they are attending church with us. We enjoyed spending some time with them.
It was just a house full of extended family and it was great!! We love all you guys!!

Then on the 19th Jerry took me to see the Nutcracker at the Warner Theater! It was fabulous!! We don't have many pictures from that either...but they won't allow pictures so we did the best we on the outside and one on the inside...may not have many pictures but we sure had a good time!!

Last but certainly not least was a night with Jim Brickman!!! It was his Holiday show so you know it was great!!

Jim had Tracy Silverman with him again and...

...Mark Masri. Anne Cochran was there too but we didn't get a good picture of her...too many fans around her!! This was a group of hugely talented people and it made for a very lovely evening.

So, hopefully have have got everyone caught up on the before Christmas events...we have one more hurdle to get over at work...the annual Christmas breakfast, where we feed 300+ people in our headquarters's a little hectic at times but it can be done. This will be our 3rd time to prove it that we can make it happen!! So, wish me luck...tomorrow is the big day (23 Dec) and after this it will be on to the Christmas travels. I will have lots of blogging to do when we return!! So, to all our friends and family - have a wonderful holiday...Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!! Be safe and enjoy time with your family and friends...Jerry and I plan to!!!

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