Monday, December 22, 2008

Trip to NYC w/ Jenny

Well, I feel like I am always behind with the blogs anymore...but there just seems to always be something going on which keeps me from sitting down in front of the computer!! So...back to the catch up...the first weekend in December Jenny came up...she and Jerry started off the weekend with a father/daughter day in DC. I think they had a great day, saw some neat things and just enjoyed the time together. Then the next day...

It was off to New York City!! We left on the bus at about 6:30 was a fun bus ride and once we got there we had to start the day with a New York bagel!!! Boy was it good...then Jenny had to talk a street vendor into giving her a great deal on a hat (it was really cold!). That talent came in handy later when she got some more great deals from street vendors...

Then we spend the day looking around, doing a little shopping (with about a million of our closest friends).

We had a late lunch at Planet Hollywood and after taking in a few more sights we got back on the bus and headed back was a great day! We are really glad Jenny was able to come up and go with us!!

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