Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quick run to Memphis and the End of a Great Holiday

Well, our trip was supposed to end with 2 days in Memphis, but on the evening of the 30th I got really sick...I got the bug that Twayne's family had. So, I was in no shape to make the trip to Memphis. Thanks to my wonderful husband, all was not lost! He made a quick trip to Memphis, delivered the things we had to get to Tanner and went with the kids to pick a place for the rehearsal dinner. They found a great place that everyone was happy with...thanks Jerry for saving the day!! I am better now and I will be heading to Memphis at the end of Jan to see the kids.

So, after Jerry's quick trip (down and back in one day) to Memphis...he packed up his some what better wife and we headed back to Maryland. We only drove about 1/2 way the first night...I wasn't 100% we stopped just over the state line in Virginia and spent the night. The next morning we got to drive for a couple of hours through a rather scary ice storm. Below you will see two pictures of the ice that built up on the truck as we drove, one of the side mirror and one of the antenna. We had to stop at one point and break off some of the ice. But we made it through just fine.

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