Thursday, July 3, 2008

Flashback to April...the first of several entries...

Well, lots of people have been asking..."so when are you going to put up pictures from Hawaii"? Well, I have finally done all have to understand that Jerry took over 1700 pictures on this trip so just having to sit down and try to pick ones to highlight the trip was somewhat of a project. But I have completed the here goes... it all started well over a year ago (March 2007) when we started planning the trip...a two week vacation starting in San Diego followed by a 12 day cruise to the Hawaiian Islands. We were very excited and counted down the months and then weeks until we left. We started, as I mentioned, in San Diego. I had never been there so we went a couple of days prior to the cruise departure and Jerry showed me around the city.

First stop the zoo!!

Would you look at the size of those feet!!!!

We spent some time down on the pier...we went to see the Midway...that was way cool!!

We even got to see a wedding...

Then the last night before we got on the ship, we sat outside our hotel and watched as six hot air balloons take off. That looks like fun, maybe that is an adventure yet to come.

OK, so the next several entries are of Hawaii. Like I said there were lots and lots of photos to go through. I have tried to pick a variety that will give you a flavor of what we got to see. It was by far the best, most wonderful and breath taking experience either of us have ever had. We enjoyed it from start to finish...we enjoyed the people we met, the places we saw and will always cherish the time and the new friends we made. Enjoy!!!

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