Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hawaii Trip - Maui

OK, we arrive in Maui...this was our first stop after being on the ship for 5 days. We enjoyed those 5 days but it was nice to have our feet on solid ground for a little while. We stayed in Maui for two days.

On day one we went horse back riding. Things started out great...we got there, we were all assigned a horse.

We start out on our ride, we were on a huge cattle ranch. We even got to see a baby calf that had been born that very day...he was really cute, we don't have any pictures because mama wasn't to happy about us getting very close...can't say as I blame her.

About half way through our ride the skies opened up and just dumped buckets of rain on us. Lucky for us it is warm in Maui and although we got soaked (as you can see from the picture) we still had a great time, made some new friends and started off the trip with an adventure.

The horses didn't seem any to happy about being so wet!!

On day two in Maui we went for a was beautiful (you are going to see this theme in all the Hawaii post but it is true!)... it truly is hard to expalin in words how amazing it was.

The flowers were like nothing I had ever seen...
Our guide was great, she told us all about the area. She showed us flowers, fruit trees and beautiful waterfalls.

The waterfalls were great!!

Jerry's new listening device An African Tulip Tree The Spy Who Loved Me....

Yes, I know we are a little crazy but we had a wonderful time and that included being a little silly!

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