Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hawaii Trip - Kona

When we got to Kona the ship had to stop out from the island because their port wasn't deep enough. So, we rode tenders into the island. It was pretty cool but the water was pretty rough the day we were there.

We went kayaking while we were there but we don't have alot of pictures because we didn't want to take our nice camera out with the waters being so rough. We do have a picture of Jerry with the two girls that were our guides for the trip and we have a picture that kinda shows how rough the water was. It was really fun being out there on the ocean, I was a little concerned a couple of times, especailly when she talked about what to do if we flipped over...not crazy about the thought of that. But, in the end it was great!

Jerry outside of Bubba Gumps

We saw some of the most beautiful flowers...

Jerry on the beach with the ship way out there!

...more flowers

The tender ride back to the ship...

Of course while we were there we did do a little shopping...we sent my mom and dad a coconut from the island (through the mail), yes I know that sounds crazy! And of course, we had to buy some Kona coffee!!

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